NFT & ENS DeFi Dapps

MINTS can capture NFTs & domains
NFTs on Minty will ensure royalties

Get Bonus MINTS Now

Under $100K MC FDV pre-sale now
Price increases on each Bonus buy
Bonus is limited in supply & time

NFT Platform Launch



Take over NFTs & domain names at steep discounts.
Vote & earn on DEX emissions & treasury.
Stake to earn from all Minty dapps.
Locked MINTS (mintsNFTs) will later let you do all this

Get Bonus MINTS & lock them for auto rewards MintBonus
Use Minty Swap to get MINTS with lower gas, but no Bonus
Locked MINTS (mintsNFTs) give you automatic MINTS rewards.

Problem: old ENS sold best domains to squatters.
Solution: market demand-based recurring fees.
This is a new domain system, not the old ENS.
You'll get a domain like name.m or name.minty.
You'll be able to use this as a user-name later in Minty Socials.

Trading fees are being circumvented by some NFT exchanges.
This means artists have no funds or long term incentive for dev.
We're implementing Harberger Tax fees + trading fees.
It works like this:
No matter where your NFT is, others can force-buy it from you.
You protect your NFT from force-buy by paying e.g. 2%/year of the protected-value.
Others can buy it at 120% this protected-value price.
10% of every trade goes to artists.
10% goes to MINTS & mintsNFT lockers.
In case of 0 protected-value, buyers can get NFTs at 60% the mint or last force-buy price.
10% goes to the NFT artist.
50% goes to MINTS & mintsNFT lockers
NFT launchpad dev in progress

Our DEX expands from a Solidly fork (on ETH).
DAO treasury building with price-increasing mechanism called MintBonus.
Every time someone buys MINTS via MintBonus, MINTS price increases.
Meanwhile, treasury and liquidity of MINTS increases as well.

Augur style user-created bets using DEX as the oracle.
Bet on anything, like if & when ETH will flip BTC
Minty Bets (design in progress)

All the Minty offers will be available to launchpad projects.
This will include the network effect & userbase of all prior projects.

Minty treasury is movable by vote.
All Minty projects will be able to move to their own L2 & L1 chains.

As PaaS payment to MintyDAO, game economy tokens might be earned by locking MINTS.
Users of partnered games can vote for new features using locked MINTS, called mintsNFTs.

Roadmap Status